Do you think of your accountant as one of the family?

Most people would find this hard to believe. But, that’s exactly what our clients have told us – “calling your office is like talking to one of the family!” Just quietly – we’re pretty proud of that and the way we work with clients to make that happen.

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If you’re waiting days or even weeks for your accountant to get back to you, it might be time to consider a change. Here at Peron Accountants, we take the needs of our clients very seriously. Running a business can be stressful and time-consuming, it feels like the “busy-ness” will never stop. Our team understand just how that feels and we’re here to help. We give you access to real-time data and are very responsive because we understand the fast-paced nature of business today. We even offer proactive business advice so you can move your business forward.

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We love receiving feedback, and knowing that our Client’s are happy with the service that we provide. 

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I'm glad to be with Peron Accountants and their fantastic and professional team, as they have really helped me to get our business back on track and on course. The new systems and processes which Peron Accountants instigated in our business allow us to work on the most rewarding parts of our business of helping people achieve their financial dreams and objectives.

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Serving Western Australians Since 1994

Need help with your finance? Looking for a loan and you’re overwhelmed with options and choices? Relax. We are here to help you. For over 20 years we have been listening to West Australians like you and helping them secure a finance solution that works.


I have been a client of Peron Accountants for over twenty years. During this time Peter has helped my speciality aviation maintenance business grow from a one person organisation working from a mobile vehicle to employing over twenty staff and owning a substantial work premises near Perth Airport. It would be hard to imagine Peron not being an integral part of our business and it’s resulting success. Thank you Peron

Tony Collier , Aerospace

Aerospace NDI is one of the premier aviation support companies within Australia. It was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1994 by Anthony Collier, who saw a growing need within the aviation industry. With 20 years military background, Tony left the Department of Defence and started his business adventure."Aerospace NDI" Through Tony’s direction and drive, the company has expanded from its original conception of Non Destructive Testing, to its current position in the Aviation world of overhauling aircraft wheels / brakes / undercarriages to manufacturing of NDT reference standards and aircraft components, electroplating and painting of aircraft parts. Aerospace NDI currently ships and buys goods locally and internationally, we carry out all stages of work in house or are more than happy to carry out just some of the more demanding work, that you, our customers may require. Aerospace NDI is CASA part 145 compliant.

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I have been with Peron Accountants for many years. The firm has all the expertise in running my accountancy and knowledge of my business, and the staff are always friendly and I would always vouch for Peron Accountants. If you have a problem see Peter Medwin you will not be disappointed.

Peter Branch, Branch Nominees Pty Ltd

Commercial Cray Fisherman